Foxy Produce Shoot: Be-Leaf in Yourself

Foxy Produce Shoot: Be-Leaf in Yourself


You know those moments you have in your career where you look back at what you accomplished and say to yourself, "I can't believe I did that!" 

Well, this was one of them. 

And, I’m very proud of how well everything went, it was my first on-location shoot and -- in a produce field! 

Getting the Foxy Gig

Foxy Organic Produce is a veggie company that was doing a shoot for their new product, Broccoleaf. This was a job set for September 3, 2014, in Salinas, California. The nearest store was, well, not near, so I had to prepare for all things possible. 

I got the job when the makeup artist who was scheduled to do it broke her leg on the Saturday before the shoot. She was a friend of mine I met at makeup school, and she reached out on Facebook to help her out. I was happy to do it, and have been working with that particular production company ever since.

It was HOT, and we were working out in those open, endless fields soaking in the sun. Oh, yes, out in the fields.  

Since this was my first job with a production company, I had no idea what to expect. I was prepared for anything. Good thing, because I was able to set up under the shade of an obliging tree. 

‘Tree! Lovely tree.’ 

I had my chair, and my car has a table in it, so I set up my makeup case there.

Heat Up, Powder On

Our two interview subjects arrived for the video shoot. Ashley Koff, a Registered Dietician, was interviewing Tom Nunes from Foxy Organic Produce about Broccoleaf, the leaves of the broccoli plant that the company now sells, instead of tilling it back into the ground as fertilizer. A brilliant use of the whole plant!

Besides the heat, this site had no running water or electricity. Lucky for me, I came prepared with bottled water in my car and lots of hand sanitizer. The car battery was used to generate power for the blender Ashley and Tom used in the video. There we were—just our gang and the car, gathered around the table full of fruits and veggies, anchored by the blender. Hysterical.

I did Ashley’s and Tom's makeup, and helped Ashley select her outfit. I did a lot of powdering to keep ahead of the glow on their faces from the environment. Along the way, the wind would create mini tornado dust storms. I had a lint roller to clean up their clothes between takes. 

I had put a few hats in the car knowing it would be sunny. The straw hat Ashley wore was the answer to the question: What should we do with her hair? Curl the ends and put on a hat! I had my butane-powered curling iron to touch up her hair. I had lots of sunscreen for myself and shared it during the day with the talent and crew.

Be-Leaf in Yourself

This job made me realize that with my experience and background in fashion, I could actually participate in ways beyond applying makeup. 

This shoot said, "Expect the unexpected and be prepared for everything and anything".

The devil was in the details to get the interview stage set right. I needed safety pins, a lint roller, sunscreen, and a variety of other supplies made for a successful day. You might say I have too many supplies on hand, and I am OK with that. You could say I am a belts-and-suspenders kind of gal. :-) 

If you haven't already, check out Foxy's Broccoleaf site. I am super happy with the final images and the video below. Whoot!

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